Your property will have exclusive access to the McElwaine Studio

Showcasing and positioning your property in the right way is crucial to a premium outcome for your sale. We’ve pulled together a team of creative individuals who are leaders in their fields and will help position your property as number one and a must-see for the perfect buyer.

    • Our professional photographers can create quality, professional photos that showcase the defining features of your property. A picture says a thousand words!

    • We have professional writers who will create an emotive, personalised property biography designed to capture the essence of your property.

    • Our professional drafts people can produce 3D floor plans of your property that show a complete overview of the layout of your home.

    • We have professional videographers who can produce quality montages that will highlight the key features of your property, an attractive feature for homebuyers.

    • Brochures and key collateral that highlights your property in a luxurious and desirable way to potential buyers can be created. Having a brochure that a potential buyer can take with them leaves a lasting impression and a reminder of their interest in purchasing your property.

    • We can create signboards to help market your property to a wide audience.

    • We were one of the first real estate agencies to introduce drone (unmanned aerial systems) cinematography and photography into our marketing campaigns, giving you the opportunity to showcase your property through cutting-edge, innovative visuals.

    • We can also create quality newspaper advertising to help target potential buyers in specific regions.

    • We can market your property through social media advertising, one of the most targeted and sophisticated advertising approaches available.