Tenancy Inspections

As managing agents, we conduct our initial inspection and Entry Condition Report, complete with photographs of the premises to ascertain the condition of the buildings and grounds. A copy of the completed Entry Condition Report is issued to all tenants at the time of signing their lease. Once the tenant has signed and returned the Entry Condition Report, as the landlord, you are then issued with a completed copy for your records.  The photographs of your property will then be kept on file and referred to upon the tenant vacating the property to ensure the property is vacated in the same condition that it was at the beginning of the tenancy.  New photographs are taken at the beginning and end of each tenancy.


Our first inspection is generally conducted six weeks after a tenant has moved into a property.  This time frame allows the tenant to settle in and determine whether there is any maintenance required or any problems have arisen.   Some tenants are hesitant to contact their leasing agent in the early days of their tenancy as they do not wish to appear as ‘hassling’ the agent.  At McElwaine we do not see contact from tenants as a ‘hassle’.  Their comfort and wellbeing are of primary importance to us and ensuring the property is in peak condition is naturally of benefit to you as a Landlord.


A quarterly inspection (3 monthly) is then carried out as part of our property management responsibilities.  Further inspections may be carried out provided the tenant is given seven (7) days notice and is in agreement. Drive-by viewings of your property will also be done on a regular basis in between physical inspections on the property. 


Each landlord receives a detailed report following each inspection. Your property’s status and information on any maintenance that may be required is provided to ensure that your property is not only safe and secure for the tenants, but to ensure your investment is in the best possible situation to maintain its rental income capacity.


If at the time of inspection the property is not being maintained to the satisfaction of McElwaine we will advise the tenants in writing of what we believe is required to be done in order to return the property to its former standard.  This may include lawn mowing and garden maintenance, general cleaning etc.  A follow-up inspection will be carried out within ten (10) days at which time the tenants are required to have your property in a condition acceptable to.