Upon signing their lease at the commencement of their tenancy, each tenant is issued with a Maintenance Request Form.  The tenant is required to complete this form when they believe there is a maintenance issue that may require attention. Each tenant is also issued with a Maintenance Request Form with each notice of any up and coming inspections so that the form can be completed by the tenant and is ready to be collected by the agent conducting the inspection.  This way any maintenance can be viewed by the agent whilst at the property. We believe this format enhances tenant/agent/landlord communication and significantly streamlines the maintenance process.


If there is an emergency at the property or the tenant telephones our office with a repair that requires maintenance, the agent will complete the Maintenance Form.  All forms are retained in the tenant/landlord file for that property for future reference.


In order to receive your approval to undertake any maintenance issues and to keep you appraised of the maintenance programme, our office will contact you by telephone or in writing.  It is your instructions that we will then follow in order to ensure the maintenance is completed in a satisfactory time frame.  No tradesman is contacted without your prior approval, unless we are unable to reach you in the case of an emergency.