Is newspaper advertising for your property sale worth it?

The internet has disrupted newspapers over the past few years, so you might be wondering why newspaper advertising would come into play in a modern property marketing campaign.


While technology has changed the way we consume information, 68% of Australian home buyers still use print publications as part of their property search*. In fact, newspaper advertising continues to offer an efficient and effective way to reach potential buyers.


Here’s why…


The magic of newspaper advertising comes down to how it works to reach passive and active buyers – think of newspaper advertising like you would a shopping centre. Unlike online shopping sites that give buyers the choice to limit the items they see based on price and category, the beautiful products and window displays in shopping centres can pull your attention in different directions.


So although your intention may have been to shop for a new pair of shoes, you might find yourself drawn to the window displays of your favourite stationary store or to a trendy pair of jeans that you didn’t plan to purchase (but they looked good on you, so why not?).


The same is true for newspaper advertising. While a potential buyer might have his/her mind set on purchasing a three bedroom house in a specific neighbourhood, imagery that pops might attract their attention and interest in a four bedroom home in a different neighbourhood altogether.


You’re not likely to achieve the same results with an online property platform that restricts a buyer’s search to a three-bedroom house at a certain price point.


The gold in this approach comes into the way that newspaper advertising can capture both active and passive buyer’s attention at the same time.


Newspapers continue to be a source of trusted information for potential buyers, with research finding that 82% of home buyers trust print ads when making a purchase decision**.


So before your write off newspapers, give a little thought to how newspaper advertising can give your property the extra push it needs to bring in the right buyer for your home.


Beyond the many other strategic marketing tactics we use for our world-class sales campaigns at McElwaine, your property’s details will also be shared with editors and journalists in local, regional and metropolitan publications so you can enjoy the benefits of print advertising.


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*GKF Home Buyer Research, Oct 2015.


** Marketingsherpa, “Customer Satisfaction Research Study”, Dec 12, 2016.