How drone photo and video footage can take your property sale to new heights

Presentation is key to attracting serious buyers and premium prices for your property sale. With potential buyers conducting the majority of their research online, photography can help your property stand out from the crowd.


In fact, 83% of all homebuyers want to see images of your property before they choose to visit.


However, if you’re really looking for the best price on your home, drone and video footage offer a more powerful way for buyers to experience your property, boost interest and can help drive them to visit. According to MLS Statistics and RIS Media, homes with aerial images sell 68 per cent faster than homes with standard images.


Here’s why you should strongly consider drone footage for your property sale:



  1. Aerial footage is uniquely positioned to show off your property’s best features, such as the attributes of your block, architectural highlights of your house, your beautiful location and your property’s relationships to its surroundings and neighbourhood.
  2. A video or photo taken from a drone’s perspective is the perfect way to grab attention from potential buyers and create a lasting impression. Drone footage will take your property’s marketing to new heights.
  3. Video is the most popular form of content on social media today. Not only will drone video give buyers an accurate perception of your property, it will help market your property to the right audience across multiple platforms for the best end result.
  4. Real estate is a competitive market and with so many properties listed every day, drone footage can give your property the edge it needs to be at the top.


Selling a property is all about the wow factor and a tactical marketing strategy. Drone video or photography footage could be the magic that could tip your property over the edge for a premium price.


If you'd like to find out more about how McElwaine can use drone footage to strengthen a world-class marketing campaign designed to get your property sold at a premium price, get in touch with us by emailing or phone 02 4933 9929.