Why you shouldn't underestimate the power of a floor plan for a premium sale

Did you know that a floor plan could increase buyer interest in your property by a whopping 30%?


Despite all the technology, video, online and print resources available that each have their place, the trusty floor plan is still a key element for any strong real estate sales campaign.


Here are a few reasons why we advise sellers to incorporate a floor plan amongst their sales strategies.


Put buyers ‘in’ your home before they arrive


While photography and video help bring buyers through the doors, a floor plan allows them to actually visualise how the house will look and feel, the sizes of each space and where they can place their furniture.


It allows buyers to imagine living in your property and to build an emotional connection with the lifestyle it offers before they even enter the door. It’s that connection that leads to an unbeatable result on the sale of a property.


Quality over quantity – bring the right buyers to your open homes


While some agents might suggest that the quantity of visitors to an open home is key, bringing quality buyers through your door who are more likely to develop an emotional connection with your property is crucial for a top price.


A floor plan provides a complete picture of your property, thus giving potential buyers a much greater opportunity to determine if your property is right for them or not. Therefore, the buyers who do come through your home are informed and have already built an emotional connection with the layout, which is a key factor in any property purchase.


Some investors will buy ‘off the plan’


Investors, particularly from Sydney, are not afraid to buy a property without even walking through the door. Although this isn’t great for other buyers, this process is very favourable to sellers looking for a quick and top result.


The livability and layout of a property demonstrated through a floor plan are crucial deciding factors for the house they choose to invest in.


While a floor plan is a vital sales aide, not all floor plans are created equal.


We take great pride in delivering the best, first-class marketing strategies to anyone who chooses to sell through us, which is why we offer sophisticated and professionally drawn-to-scale floor plans that map out the features and flow of your property in the best possible way.


If you’d like to find out more about our world-class approach to selling and how we’ll work with you to achieve a premium result, contact us on info@mcelwaine.com.au or phone 02 4933 9929.