Why buying local is best



Why 'Buying local' is best


Does ‘buying local’ matter when looking for an agent to sell your property? Our answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why.

All good agents are knowledgeable about selling real estate, but they can’t all know about the particularities of each area. If you’re living in Newcastle East, Nelson Bay or Maitland, would it make sense to use an agent who specialises in homes in the Central Coast or Lake Macquarie?

Read on to discover the four key benefits of ‘buying local’:

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1 More realistic appraisals

Only a local will be able to provide you with an accurate valuation on your home. They will be familiar with exactly which properties have sold over the past weeks, months and years and know the prices they sold for. And they may well have sold three or four nearby homes at some point in time.They’ll also be well aware of local property trends. This means a local agent is far better placed to assess what your home is worth.


2 Understanding the community

A local agent will be familiar with the history of your local community and suburb and know a lot of people in the area. They will understand all of the amenities that help to make or break a sale such as local parks, preschools, schools and their boundaries, shops and public transport options.

They will also be able to sell the lifestyle that comes with purchasing a home in your area. They’ll be intimate with the things the locals enjoy doing – the best burgers, bushwalks or attractions – and offer tips to would-be buyers about why this is the best place to live in.


3 Local planning knowledge

A local expert will also be able to tell you about local shopping centre expansions, road upgrades and new sporting facilities. They’ll know about important infrastructure projects like freeway extensions too.


4 Database of local buyers

Lastly, a local agent who is ‘on the ball’ will have a listing of up-to-date potential buyer information in their database. These details will have been carefully collected from walk-ins, phone and email enquiries, ‘snail mail’ promotions, open houses, their social media pages and more. The agent will be able to tap into this ‘bank’ to assist with the sale of your property. They will know how serious these people are about purchasing, which properties they’ve seen and have an idea of how much they have to spend.

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The bottom line

According to Natasha McElwaine, McElwaine Estate Agents’ Founder and Director, “No real estate agent can truly be successful without a detailed knowledge of the local area. In fact, this local expertise could be the most important factor in choosing an agent.”

McElwaine Estate Agents always acts in our clients’ best interests.Our inspired and world-class model is founded on creative and unique strategies that capture the emotional heart of your property and is backed by an experienced team that offers genuine care for every person we partner with. You’re welcome to contact us today.

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