Sophisticated property marketing hits dollar highs

 Marketing Your Home

We’ve all seen real estate advertisements with cliches about properties for sale. Perhaps ‘renovator’s delight’ or ‘cosy with potential’? Or fuzzy photos that only show the outside of the house? They make you wonder if the agent actually cares about the home they’re selling.


Buyers are looking for authenticity, for creativity and transparency. If you want your home to stand out and get more attention, then you need to market it in a way that no one else is.


An agency’s approach to marketing is what makes it unique. It’s something that Natasha McElwaine, founder and director of McElwaine Estate Agents, understands inherently, and it’s the foundation of her business.  


“We do things differently,” Natasha said. “Our vision is to simply provide an inspired way of selling real estate.”


“We believe the transaction of real estate is about capturing the heart and soul of a property through a story that can be shared; it’s about how we all live and love our homes.”


A clever, tailored marketing approach means your home will attract buyers who have connected with your home on a personal level.


The process should be thorough and professional. Firstly, the different elements of the campaign need to be captured. This involves taking beautiful photographs to showcase your home in the best possible light.


These days, a video or drone footage may also be taken - it gives any potential buyer a wholistic view of the property and highlights your property location and size. A floor plan is also appreciated by potential buyers.


Based on the imagery and property details, it’s then time to write about your home. This is completed by a copywriter who will talk to you and craft and shape the story of your home in a way that resonates with the personality of your home.


These elements are then combined in innovative ways to get your property in front of the right people. This might be done through signage outside your home, through print advertising such as brochures and newspaper advertising, window signage, and of course, digital marketing.


Websites such as and are where the majority of buyers begin looking for a property. Social media campaigning on Facebook and Instagram also plays a big role.


All these ingredients can transform into an innovative way to open doors to a wider audience. And that counts according to Natasha.


“Crafting such a personalised selling campaign is our proven way of attracting a premium sale,” she said. 


In fact, “90% of all properties sold by McElwaine Estate Agents are sold at a premium price in only a short time spent on the market.”


Results like this don’t come from marketing your property with tired cliches that make buyers cringe. Aim for impact, not ordinary.



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