It's a sign - how to impress buyers passing by your property

It’s not a new strategy, but the trusty real estate signboard placed out the front of a property for sale continues to be a go-to for most agents. 

Why? Well, because they work!


Signboards outside a property are key to capturing the eyes of passers-by who are either actively looking for a property in your neighbourhood or pass through the area on their regular route.


A typical scenario is this - a person driving on their regular route to work might pass by the sale sign out the front of a property. Although they’re not currently in the market to buy, they’ve always liked the location; it’s closer to work after all.


They may not have time to stop and look at the board but they know the street name, so later they jump online to find the property.


This person could very well end up buying the property.


If it weren’t for the signboard, they’d never have come across it.


The pros of signboards


  • They serve to mark where the property is in the street and provide direction for open homes.
  • The can maximise leads to the property by capturing the attention of people who aren’t actively looking to buy.
  • They can quickly communicate a wealth of information.
  • They act as a beacon for people who are looking to buy in your neighbourhood and are in the process of further discovering the area.


Signboards are still a crucial part of a strong property marketing campaign


Despite technology and the many steps forward that the industry has taken over the years, signboards still play a crucial role in property marketing and should be included in every strategy.


However, like anything else, not all signboards are created equal. For the best results a signboard needs to focus on the key features of the property and be creative, polished and make a big statement quickly.


The features of your property should ‘pop’ and instantly send a message about the benefits of the home as well as provide the necessary information to get people through the door.


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