Increase your home's value with these 6 DIY projects

If you’re planning on selling your home, you want to take any steps you can to increase its value and get you the best result. While a full renovation might not be in the budget, there are a few DIY actions you can take to boost the value of your home for a premium sale.


Increase your homes value1. Add curb appeal to your home with some low-maintenance landscaping.


Add instant appeal to your home with a little landscaping. Choose lush greenery that is affordable, native to the region and drought-tolerant so your plants require less care and water between inspections. 


2. Light up your home with stylish light fixtures.


Sometimes all it takes to give a room a fresh and modern feel is to install a new light fixture. Bold, statement lighting has become a popular choice in central living areas. 


Buyers are also more aware of the energy efficiency of their lighting and appliances, so make sure you select lighting that looks good, brightens up a space and is energy efficient. 


Follow the manufacturers guidelines if you are installing the new lights yourself. If there’s new wiring needed, contact an electrician for help.


3. Refresh the rooms in your house with a coat of paint.


A simple way to increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers walking through each space is to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. The key to choosing colours that will entice a broad range of buyers is to think neutral. Creams, whites and greys can make a room feel bright, spacious and clean and give buyers the chance to imagine their own furniture and style in your home.


4. Update the handles and tapware in your kitchen and bathrooms.


Give your kitchen and bathrooms a little TLC by updating your worn, loose or rusty door handles, door knobs and tapware. It’s amazing how much of a difference this small action can make to create a more stylish and expensive feel to these spaces. Also, by updating your handles and taps to look the same you’ll create a sense of cohesion and pride throughout your home.


5. Cleanse your home’s energy.


Everything is energy and energy is everything! While giving your house a spring clean and making it look great is important, the energy of your memories, tears and laughter seep into the walls of your home. So it’s important to do an energetic cleanse of your property to clear our negative energy and fill the home with positive energy that will attract an emotionally connected buyer.


There are a few ways you can impact the energy in your home: 


  • Look up the practice of feng shui and use it to inspire the positioning of your furniture for inspections or read our recent blog post on the topic; 
  • Remove any images or art that reminds you of an unhappy time in your life and replace it with pieces that give a sense of personal power; and 
  • Let go of your home so your sense of attachment isn’t felt by potential buyers.


6. Replace chipped or worn tiles and grout in your kitchen and bathroom.


If renovating your bathroom or kitchen is out of the budget, simple tricks like replacing the grout and worn tiles can help boost the appeal of these spaces. Grouting and replacing tiles can be easy to do yourself, with instructional videos available from DIY services, like Bunnings. 


Remember, the kitchen is considered to be the most important selling point in a home, closely followed by the bathrooms, so make sure these spaces shine!


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