Hunter Tree Change

Tree Change

Why the Hunter is the place for a tree change


There’s much to love about cities: the excitement, the energy, the opportunities. There is culture and activity, high-paying jobs and plenty of things to spend your money on like restaurants and entertainment.


But, there are the downsides too. Along with the opportunities come all the people looking for them. There’s the noise, the traffic, the pollution and a million neighbours on your doorstep. Costs are higher for things like property, and to get on the property ladder, buyers are either mortgaging themselves up to their eyeballs, of living further out of the CBD, resulting in longer commutes.


It’s not hard to see the appeal of the tree change.


Moving to a smaller, rural area. Trees and nature all around. A calmer, slower pace of life. Services and work you don’t have to drive hours to reach. Neighbours you know and a strong sense of community.


It’s no surprise either that the Hunter Valley is seen as the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle for the space and peace.


And city dwellers are making the move.


According to CoreLogic, internal migration to regional NSW, Victoria and QLD is the highest it has been in ten years.

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Founder and director of McElwaine Estate Agents, Natasha McElwaine has seen it first hand.


“It’s the quality of life they’re looking for,” Natasha said. “Eighty percent of our buyers are coming from Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.”


"Properties are a lot more affordable, you can live in a bigger house with a pool and a big block or even on acres for less than a unit in the big cities.”


CoreLogic has also reported, it’s Australia’s regional areas which are turning over the highest number of properties.


"Over the 12 months to July, 4 out of 7 of the rest of state regions recorded a higher level of turnover compared to their capital city counterpart. This was most prevalent across NSW, where Australia’s most expensive property market of Sydney saw a turnover rate of 4.1%, while outside of the metro area, turnover was at a considerably higher level with 5.6% of the market transacting over the year,” the article stated.


"They are looking for bigger blocks, and established homes with large spaces,” Natasha said.


“I personally love the Hunter because of the space. I love raising my family here and having green space around me with quietness.”


And there are plenty of options in the region.


The Maitland area offers semi-rural settings in under 15 minutes from all services and facilities. Suburbs such as Largs, Oakhampton and Louth Park are perfect examples. Many homes are set on acreages or larger allotments and enjoy bushland and native wildlife. Further afield, locales such as Vacy, Seaham and Woodville offer history as well as places to create that hobby farm you’ve always dreamed of.


Watch the sun set over the dam and the birds fly home for the evening. See the stars come out at night and enjoy a fire in the colder months. A tree change allows living, not just existing.



McElwaine Estate Agents