How to keep buyers interested after they leave an open home

If you are a homeowner, you’ve probably been there before. Blocking out evenings or Saturdays to attend open home after open home in the areas you’re considering buying in. It’s hard to keep tabs on the homes you have visited and those you loved.


When it comes time to sell, the buyers walking through your property will be going through the same thing.


So an effective property marketing campaign needs to work beyond getting buyers through the door; it should ensure your property leaves a lasting impression that keeps buyers engaged after the open home.


One important way to keep your property at the top of your buyers’ minds is to provide a beautifully designed information brochure.


Given to potential buyers during open homes, a brochure offers a number of remarkably powerful benefits to property sellers.


  • Buyers will remember the features of your property that they fell in love with during the open home – remember, emotion drives the best results on a property sale.
  • Buyers will have a copy of the floorplan for your property and will be able to start planning their life in your home, enticing them to become attached to the lifestyle your property offers.
  • In this information age, success belongs to the prepared. So providing a comprehensive information brochure on your property for potential buyers will help answer any questions they have, build confidence and trust and bring about stronger offers.
  • Our property brochures feature details on the local area so that potential buyers can have a full appreciation for the lifestyle they’d enjoy in the neighbourhood and your home.


If a buyer has proactively sought out and visited your property, they are interested in what your home has to offer. After sparking that interest, keep it alive through a well-crafted online, print and customer service campaign that embraces a unique marketing brochure for your home sale.


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