Flooring Options

Laying down your options with flooring

 Flooring Options

We walk on it, sit on it, cover it up, drop things on it, drip on it and live on it. It’s no wonder that the floors in your home are the surfaces that need the most attention.


These days, there are many different types of flooring materials, offering varying looks and purposes.


You need to take into account a few things: the people who live in your home (including fur family), the purpose of the room, the design feel you’re after, and the budget you’re willing to spend.


There’s something to suit every home, but here are a list of the options around at the moment which are sweeping home owners away.



Invented in the 1800s and adorning homes for the better part of 100 years, linoleum flooring was a masterstroke of easy cleaning and durability. Variations these days include vinyl and PVC options and they are loved due to their water resistance, quiet tread and cost effectiveness. The only drawback of lino is that if one part gets damaged, the whole room must be replaced, but PVC tiles have rectified that problem.

 PVC Tile Flooring



Laminate floors can give the visual effect of wood or tiles, but with much easier maintenance. They are great for busy households and high traffic areas due to their protective layer which prevents stains, but don’t do as well in wet conditions. It’s also budget-friendly and can be replaced in pieces.



The obvious appeal of carpet is its feel underfoot. You can opt for a luxurious plush pile or for shorter, more durable wool carpet. It needs regular care in the form of vacuuming and staining is a risk factor. It also helps to warm a home and muffles footsteps. Perfect for bedrooms.

 Carpet Flooring



A relatively new option and one growing in popularity, this is a cost-effective covering that is strong and eco-friendly. Fibres from the bamboo are compressed and creates a density as strong as timber, but with higher resistance to scratching and scuffing. It’s good in damper areas too.

 Bamboo Flooring



The allure of polished timber floorboards is hard to resist. Many older homes have them hidden under carpet or lino, just waiting to have new life restored to them. The look is stylish and elegant and when used in parquetry arrangements, quite stunning. It’s easy to care for, but look out for rooms or climates with high moisture.

 Timber Flooring


Polished concrete

Definitely a trendy choice at the moment due to its use in renovation programs, and its hard-wearing nature. Cost depends on the grind and seal method used to finish it and any design effects applied. It’s versatile and easy to clean, but not the cosiest of floors. 

Polished Concrete Flooring



Made of many materials (ceramic, stone, porcelain, etc), tiles can come in different shapes, colours and sizes too. They are more labour-intensive to install and they need a strong flat floor to be applied on to prevent cracking. They are easy to maintain, but cold underfoot.

 Tile Flooring



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