Designing the right campaign for you

Crafting a personalised story and sales campaign for your property is our proven way to attract a record sale. In fact, it’s how we’ve sold 90% of our properties at a premium price in only a short time spent on the market.

How to design the perfect campaign for your property saleAs custodians of your sale, we will bring to life the heart and soul of your property through a unique selling strategy that captures your property’s features and communicates its story to attract a premium sale.

The method used for the sale of your home is one of the most powerful determining factors for your outcome. A lot of thought, strategy, planning and marketing goes into launching a property and delivering a succinct and successful strategy that will mean the difference between your house selling and securing a price well above what you expected.

These are the three more common selling strategies that we will consider to get the best result for your property sale.

An auction campaign

An auction creates a sense of urgency by drawing out interested buyers and bringing things to a head at the auction event.

An auction will keep your property’s value secret to allow buyers visiting the property to provide their estimates on what they would pay for the sale. This gives us insight into what the market is thinking and allows us to stay the course or adjust expectations if required. 

If market conditions are in your favour and there is a high rate of buyer interest and competitive bidding on the day than you may achieve a generous sale price beyond your expectations. Properties listed for auction will often sell prior to the auction date, as we will have already shared the story of your property through clever marketing that encourages buyers to take action so they don’t miss out.

A private treaty campaign

This approach to selling your property is less intimidating or overwhelming for both the vendor and buyer. After valuing your property, we’ll position your property in front of a wide buyer pool to extract the right fit and a top result.

A private treaty is great for buyers who are purchasing subject to finance and vendors who do not require a quick sale or who are selling in a market that is less buoyant.

An expressions of interest (EOI) campaign

This approach gives the power to you - it allows you to choose your campaign timeline, terms and the price you accept on your sale.

An EOI campaign withholds the price guide for your property to increase the number of enquiries, inspections and opportunities over the campaign and to obtain the best price.

An EOI campaign creates a competitive environment for buyers by limiting the timeframe in which they can put an offer forward, meaning buyers are encouraged to put their most competitive offer forward first. You, as the seller, can then select from the offers made.

At McElwaine, our inspired and world-class model and unique approach to every property we sell captures the emotional heart of your home to deliver the best result. Every property is unique and every campaign unfolds very differently - it’s how we secure a premium result time and time again.

If you’d like to find out how we’d sell your property for a premium price, get in touch with us on or phone 02 4933 9929.