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 Going in and out of style

Going in and out of style

Just like clothes, home styling goes through trends. What looks great one year, might be completely dated the following. Each season new styles arrive, and while some will stand the test of time, others should be avoided at all costs.


Here are some fad ideas, and some fab ideas, to make sure your home decorating doesn’t belong in a time capsule.


Nordic style

 Going in and out of style

Be warned: While it looks like Viking decor might be making an appearance in 2019, you’d want to make sure your love of fur and studded wood is true, otherwise be careful not to get caught up in this Scandinavian maelstrom. You don’t want your home looking like you’ve pillaged and plundered coastal villages.


Go for it: Though it seems that IKEA’s dominion over our houses has died down, this is one trend that will keep you in good stead. Practical, simple furniture and decor is always a good idea - it provides a neutral palette and furniture that is functional. One for the long run.



Paint colours


Be warned: According to Dulux, Millennial Pink has been a hit colour for the past two years, but come 2019, it is morphing into something more subdued. No more blush pink and rose gold or your home will end up looking like Barbie’s place.


Go for it: The Dulux 2019 Colour Forecast is slating warm and natural tones for the foreseeable future. Think cinnamons, forest greens, sea blues, softer pinks and berry tones. A good way to try out a colour is to paint a single feature wall in a room, rather than blanket the entire home. This way you can get a feel for the shade and if you wish to change it down the track, you only have to paint over one wall.




Be warned: For those of you who jumped on the subway tile and back grout bandwagon, you’d better hope that you still like the look of public bathrooms. And think twice over the upcoming Moroccan style bathroom. It’s exotic and requires no rendering, but the look will be a snapshot in time before you know it.


Go for it: Natural looking and warmer shades will keep your bathroom classic and timeless. Travertine tiles are making a comeback and are resilient and durable. If you want funky, try changing taps or buying new towels. They’re affordable and can update your look without a structural commitment.

 Decorating Tips Tiles



Be warned: Gallery walls are a minefield. Yes, you get to see all those lovely pictures of your family, or a range of collated images, but all it takes is one frame to be lopsided and the whole thing looks like a mess.


Go for it: A single, large piece of art can make a huge statement in a room. While it may take some time to save up for an original, the elegance and effect will be worth it. A good alternative is to buy some striking material and have it stretched over canvas. 


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