8 steps to selling your property at a premium price

We understand that selling your property can sometimes seem overwhelming. We’ve blended a world-class marketing and sales approach with some of the region’s top real estate specialists so you can simply relax while we work to achieve a premium price for your property sale in a short timeframe.

We’ve outlined the 8 simple steps to selling your home to help you understand the process.

  1. We get your property ready for sale.

We take you through all the steps to get your property ready for sale.

  1. We’ll bring all the elements together to market your property.

We’ll get your photos, advertising copy, social media and other marketing elements ready to go out to newspaper editors and buyer matches from our database.

  1. Your property is live!

After you have approved your listing, your property will be sent live.


  1. Inspections, open homes and auctions.

Based on your unique selling strategy, we will seek potential buyers and walk them through your property until we find the right fit.

  1. Sold!

Your property is sold to the right buyer for a great price.

  1. We prepare your property for settlement.

We’ll work behind the scenes to prepare your property for settlement while you organise your removalist and cleaner and start packing for your big move.

  1. We organise the keys for settlement.

We’ll organise a time and place for your buyers to pick up the keys.

  1. The big day – settlement.

Ownership of the property is officially transferred to the buyers and the next exciting chapter in your life begins.