5 secrets to selling your property for a premium price

When it comes to selling your property, first impressions count and most people will make a decision about whether they want to buy a property within a few minutes of entering the door! Good presentation helps connect a potential buyer on an emotional level and can impact a buyer’s decision to pay a good price or a premium price for your property.

Without hesitation, we can say that once you begin to implement a process of presentation that encompasses the body, mind, spirit and space with openness and intention, a change will happen. 

At McElwaine, we work with our vendors to provide advice on how their property should look and feel for open homes, auctions and inspections to boost the value and help buyer’s fall in love with the spaces. Our approach encompasses both physical aspects of the home and energetic and has been highly successful in increasing the value of a property for a premium price.

Here are our five secrets to presenting your property for a premium price.

1.De-personalise your property so others can imagine living there too.

When a buyer walks through your door, you want them to say ‘I could easily see myself living here’. Personal artefacts, photographs and family heirlooms can make it difficult for them to see past the life you’ve created in the property to visualise their own. Photographs and personal clutter can also be distracting – you want them to focus on the house, not your things – so hide them away during the selling process

2.Make your property sparkle.

This may sound obvious, but cleaning your property ahead of inspections is essential to bringing a buyer through the door quickly and selling at a premium price.  Take inspiration from the hotels you’ve visited and prepare your property to be it’s most impressive and shiny.

Hang up fresh towels and roll spares, place candles in the bathrooms for a beautiful scent, mop the floors, use a pressure hose to spray down the exterior and paths, wash windows and dust and polish taps and appliances.

3.Less is more.

Maximise space throughout your home by limiting clutter, removing extra furniture and opening up the spaces in your property as much as possible. Less furniture and clutter maximises your living spaces, making your property feel and look larger.

4.Think about the energy of your property.

Emotion is the number one reason that people buy properties. Building an emotional attachment between your property and potential buyers is key to achieving a premium price and a short timeframe on the market. Feng shui is a Chinese traditional practice of bringing calmness and harmony into your property by creating space for positive energy to flow and an approach we use at McElwaine. By bringing awareness into how your property feels, cultivating chi and putting physical adjustments in place, you will notice the energy in the home will flow and transformations to how it makes you, and more importantly your perfect buyer, feel will occur.

The impact of bad feng shui in your home can be so strong that people feel obliged to leave. However, small steps such as removing clutter, fixing leaky taps or placing indoor and outdoor plants at both sides of your front and back door can encourage a positive energy that makes potential buyers instantly feel at home.

5.Don’t forget the outdoors.

We love our gardens and backyards in Australia. With the weather we enjoy here, a beautiful outdoor space is an inviting opportunity to sit and dine with friends, take in the views or potter amongst the flowers.

When a potential buyer comes to your property, the first thing he/she will see is your yard and the house exterior, so it’s important to make a good impression here.  Keep your flowers, hedges, trees and bushes trimmed and neat; pressure hose the sidewalks so they are cleared; mow the lawn; paint any faded window trims; and get rid of dying plants.

You can continue to live in your property while it is styled for sale, just make sure that you keep making those little touches to impress potential buyers.

To find out more about presenting your property for sale, watch this short video from Natasha McElwaine, our Founder and Principal Real Estate Agent.

Discover how to sell your property for a premium price.